The way forward for experienced yoga teachers


Dru is the 2nd largest yoga teacher training school in the UK! With 14 courses running at any one time in the UK we're here to stay. Since 1985 over 3,000 yoga teachers have been trained worldwide.


  • Make an impact on the health of your students and clients

    Become a yoga therapist and learn how to create specific therapeutic programmes to promote health and work with a variety of conditions. Whether you include yoga therapy in the classroom, or whether you wish to start a yoga therapy practice, you will find this course perfect for you.

  • Graduates from all recognised yoga schools are welcome

    If you are a yoga teacher having graduated from a recognised 200 hour (minimum) teacher training course, and you have been teaching for at least two years (60hrs of teaching) after your graduation, then you will be eligible to apply to join our Yoga therapy diploma course.

  • The five kosha /layer model for yoga therapy

    As part of our yoga therapy course, you will be trained in the practical application of the panch-kosha, or five layer system that is integral to understanding the causes of illness and use them in finding yoga solutions. You will also be trained to work extensively with the prana-vayus that govern the strength and function of the different body systems.

  • Dru Yoga and health research

    University research shows that Dru Yoga eases back pain, decreases stress, reduces anxiety and fatigue... while boosting confidence and emotional well-being. With the extra skills of being able to create specific therapeutic programmes, you'll have an unbeatable tool to help your students and clients.

  • Be accredited as a yoga therapist

    The succesful graduate of this course can register with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), the government approved regulator for all complementary therapies in the UK, as a yoga therapist. You will be recognised as being able to work within a clinical setting alongside other health professionals such as osteopaths, GPs, medics and complementary health practitioners.

  • Yoga therapy, Ayurveda, and other healing modalities

    Quite naturally, Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda, and other healing modalities like Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) overlap. Particularly,  we include an understanding of basic ayurvedic principles in our Yoga Therapy course, as well as a practical understanding and application of chakras, prana vayus, gunas and kleshas.

  • Dru Yoga therapy as a business

    Learn business skills that will help to make your Dru Yoga therapy practice really successful. We include a module on business skills in this course, covering many of the basic practicalities that are often overlooked in effectively promoting a yoga therapy practice.

  • Join the Dru Professional Network

    Having "Dru Yoga Therapist Membership" of the Dru Professional Network (DPN) you will have access to professional support, and be eligible for many special offers and discounts for courses, products, and seminars across the UK.


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