Dru Yoga Therapy training course

Yoga therapy - the next big step


To a certain degree all yoga teachers take the role of yoga therapist. Whenever yoga methods are prescribed to aid specific health conditions, or whenever you give a student the alternate nostril breath or other pranayama exercises to aid sinus problems, for example, then you are taking the role of yoga therapist.


The boundary between yoga teacher and yoga therapist is blurring, and more yoga teachers are being put into the position of therapist. Yoga teachers often say to us, that they 'just wish they knew what yoga practices to give for different health conditions'.


With G.P.'s trying to cut down on spending, and the NHS looking for cheaper ways to maintain health, it is only natural that more people are being referred to yoga as an aid in their recovery.


For example:

  • It is estimated that over 90% of back pain sufferers do not need medical intervention, but instead, need to develop core stability and correct the body's muscle balance.
  • The benefits of relaxation and meditation on stress-related conditions (including many gastro-intestinal conditions) is unparalleled.
  • The beneficial effects of yoga and relaxation on the circulatory system, reducing HBP, and in combination with other modalities has been proven to be a major aid in cases of heart disease and arterial sclerosis. cf. Dean Ornish Programme for reversing heart disease.
  • Research at the frontiers of science are showing conclusive evidence that many long term illnesses come down to a few very simple triggers, and these very triggers are highly amenable to yogic methods. The unique combination of pranayama, movement, deep relaxation, and meditation offers a profound way to aid the body in its recovery from the most serious of illness.


In these examples, and in many other cases, it is clear that having yoga therapy skills will be to your advantage, and will prepare you for the changes that are coming in the yoga world.


Are you a yoga teacher with over two years of experience? Are you interested in becoming a yoga therapist? Request a call back today. you won't regret choosing to be a Dru Yoga Therapist.