A deposit of £720 is required to secure your place on the course.


DPN Discounted rate

DPN (Dru Professional Network) members' total tuition fees are discounted by £430 (10%). 


Payment Plan options

Tuition and Accommodation fees are charged separately.

We offer payment plans to suit you, such as monthly, quarterly, annually, to cover both tuition and accommodation costs.  We will discuss your payment plan choice with you.

The regular payments are managed by (the payment processor) and set up using your debit/credit card.  Alternative arrangements can also be discussed.

For example:

Tuition Fees can be paid in 20 monthly payments of £164  (excluding the £720 deposit).


Food & accommodation

Accommodation is in shared or single accommodation with full board; delicious, vegetarian meals served in our on-site cafe.

Payment for food and accommodation is not included in the price of course. Costs are shown below:

  • £60 per day (shared) or
  • £95 per day (single)


How the tuition fees are calculated

The total cost of tuition is £4,300 (excluding accommodation above), which is calculated as follows:

Deposit                                               £720

Tuition fees                                      £3,280    (payment plan)

Individual tutorial fees = 6 x £50        £300     (payment due at the time of individual tutorials)

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