Dru Yoga Therapy Training Opportunities


The 500 hour Dru Yoga Therapy training Course will take place in the North Wales.


DATES in 2017

16-19 March

6 - 9 July

9 - 12 Nov

DATES in 2018

14 - 19 March

5 - 8 July

15 - 18 Nov

DATES in 2019

12 - 17 Feb

16 - 19 May


There are 9 modules to be completed, after the introductory weekend. In each module you will progress through the process of learning how to apply yogic knowledge to the whole process of illness and disease.

Prices will be released for the 2017 course as they become available, though below you will find the current pricing structure to give you an idea.


Prices for the current (2015) course

6 x 4-day modules at £400 each

2 x 6-day Clinical practice Modules: Tuition costs: £600 feach

Dru Yoga Therapy one-to-one session with one of the tutors £50 per hour x 6

The above prices are for tuition.  Accommodation and food not included in these prices

For more information or pricing plan options, please email, expressing your interest in the course

 Click here to learn more about the course syllabus