Course Format

Practical assessments

  • Design of health questionnaires, clinical assessment questionnaires, design of relevant forms for accurate record keeping.
  • 35 hours of observed clinical practice.
  • Summative assessment of yoga therapy practice.

Assignments and exam

  • Reflective observation of experienced yoga therapist.
  • Scope and limitations of practice (project).
  • Yoga philosophy in practice  (written assignment).
  • Legislation and business (written assignment).
  • Applied Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology (written exam).

Home study programme

Completion of 3 individual case studies and 1 small group case study 

What you will learn

  • Exploration of specific health conditions that affect the body and mind.
  • Psychology of wellness.
  • Applying Dru energetic principles to design therapeutic programmes.
  • Applying therapeutic Dru Meditation, mudra, visualisation and pranayama techniques tailored to individuals or small groups.
  • In-depth principles of yoga philosophy applied to yoga therapy.
  • Therapeutic application of the five kosha model, prana vayus and chakras.
  • Exploring the relationship of yoga therapy with therapeutic modalities such as Ayurveda.
  • Coaching and motivational approaches for working with people with a wide variety of needs.
  • Goal setting with clients.
  • Effective business planning and management.

Course structure

7 x 4-day modules

2 x 6-day clinical practice modules

6 x individual tutorials


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